• Code: ENSP00000344666
  • Source: Ensembl
  • Alternative labels: hS33809 AAD48752.1 ENST00000338641 ENSP00000354529 ENST00000361676 uc003agh.4 312793 NP_861967.1 hO95683 uc003agj.4 ENST00000347330 X72662 hP35240 OTTHUMT00000322031 hQ9BTW3 CCDS13862.1 SCHWANNOMATOSIS [#162091] CAB005385 CAA76992.1 NF2p Schwannomin ENSG00000186575 IPI00414202.2 NF2-201 X72660p P35240p Neurofibromatosis type 3 Q9UNH3p X72656 ENSP00000340626 CAG30416.1 Q9BTW3p Moesin-ezrin-radixin-like protein neurofibromin 2 uc003age.4 X72668p schwannomin NP_861968.1 Q96T32p NF2-003 OMIM:607379 hX72666 Q9UNH3 AAD48754.1 uc003agg.4 AAH03112.2 X72659p OTTHUMP00000199610 hX72665 X72656p X72666 4ZRJ OTTHUMP00000199621 CAA76993.1 Q96T32 hX72657 hX72662 Merlin hZ22664 IPI00922689.1 hX72664 ENST00000397789 Neurofibromin-2 4ZRI ENSP00000355183 NF2-004 Q96T33 AF123570 UPI0000072437 OTTHUMT00000075615 CCDS54516.1 CCDS13861.1 Y18000 OTTHUMT00000322028 Z22664 NF2-002 NF2-001 X72669 NEUROFIBROMATOSIS, TYPE II [#101000] hX72661 ENST00000413209 ENSP00000335160 Hs.628119 AAK54164.1 AAK54160.1 NM_181830.2 NF2-008 Q96T31p UPI000012EF27 X72664 UPI0000072DE9 P35240 OTTHUMP00000199611 uc003afy.4 AAK54162.1 ENST00000432151 hQ9UNH4 AF369663 BC003112 AF369700 AF369662 hsa:4771 NP_861970.1 OTTHUMG00000030727 AAK54196.1 AAH20257.1 OTTHUMT00000322036 ENSP00000384797 hX72670 L11353 312796 312802 HPA003097 AF122827 AF369661 312799 Q9UNH4p 3U8Z X72658 NP_861971.1 Q9UNH4 312798 hX72656 ENST00000334961 X72665 NM_181831.2 Q9UNG9p AF369665 merlin hY18000 Q96T31 X72667p hX72658 O95683p S33809p Hs.608781 NM_181828.2 CCDS13865.1 NM_181829.2 X72655 BC020257 NF2-007 UPI00001833C2 HGNC:7773 hQ8WUJ2 Q9UNG9 CCDS13863.1 hQ969N0 OTTHUMP00000199609 ENSP00000335652 X72668 UPI0000072477 X72659 ENST00000361452 X72665p X72667 AAK54161.1 ENST00000353887 Q9BTW3 Q969N0 X72655p AAK54166.1 hX72660 312801 hQ9UNH3 hX72663 OTTHUMP00000199623 CAA80377.1 ENSP00000395885 Z22664p IPI00304755.2 Q969N0p OTTHUMT00000322026 AAK54163.1 X72663p X72657 S33809 hQ96T32 ENST00000361166 AF369657 OTTHUMT00000277090 X72657p X72660 AAD48753.1 IPI00220314.1 Schwannomerlin uc003aga.4 IPI00220311.1 ENSP00000380891 AAF80764.1 X72669p 4771 UPI0000072457 OTTHUMP00000199607 uc003agi.4 hQ96T31 UPI000006E68B IPI00414431.2 X72661 AF369664 NF2-006 NP_057502.2 BANF X72661p OTTHUMP00000199608 uc003agf.4 AAA36212.1 OTTHUMP00000199622 Q969Q3 X72658p hQ969Q3 X72666p AF369658 ENSP00000354897 MERL_HUMAN L11353p Q96T30 ENSP00000384029 CR456530 Y18000p NF2-005 NF2-202 NF2-009 IPI00220315.1 NM_000268.3 NM_181825.2 hX72669 Q96T30p AF165426 OTTHUMP00000028855 312795 hX72655 OTTHUMT00000322029 AF122828 hX72667 OTTHUMT00000322035 OTTHUMP00000199606 ENSP00000409921 O95683 IPI00220310.1 hQ96T30 NP_861966.1 ENSP00000344666 Q969Q3p hQ9UNG9 OTTHUMT00000322030 AAK54165.1 uc003afz.4 hL11353 NP_861546.1 312794 AAK54195.1 NP_861969.1 Q8WUJ2 AF369701 OTTHUMT00000322027 IPI00216128.1 Q96T33p Q9NRW8_HUMAN CAA51220.1 X72663 CCDS13864.1 NF2-010 312800 Hs.627925 IPI00220308.1 1H4R X72662p NEUROFIBROMIN 2 [*607379] NM_181833.2 hNF2 ENST00000403999 Q8WUJ2p X72670p IPI00220312.1 hX72668 ENST00000403435 NM_000268 X72664p UPI0000072BC8 hX72659 X72670 312797 NP_000259.1 hQ96T33 moesin-ezrin-radixin like

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  • Number of publications: 2763
  • Number of sentences: 16026



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